John Deere 204K and 304K Loader Service Manual (Operation & Test) - TM12985

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John Deere 204K and 304K Loader Service Manual (Operation & Test) - TM12985

TM12985 - John Deere 204K and 304K Loader Technical Manual (Operation & Test).PDF

Complete official service manual with Electrica Wiring Diagrams for John Deere 204K and 304K Loader, with all the shop information to maintain, diagnose, service, rebuild like professional mechanics.

John Deere 204K and 304K Loaders workshop diagnosis & test manual includes:
* Numbered table of contents easy to use so that you can find the information you need fast.
* Detailed sub-steps expand on repair procedure information
* Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step.
* Troubleshooting and electrical service procedures are combined with detailed wiring diagrams for ease of use.
* Notes, cautions and warnings throughout each chapter pinpoint critical information.
* Bold figure number help you quickly match illustrations with instructions.
* Detailed illustrations, drawings and photos guide you through every procedure.
* Enlarged inset helps you identify and examine parts in detail.

Total Pages: 564 pages
File Format: PDF (bookmarked, Searchable, Printable, high quality)
Language: English

Covered models:
204K (PIN: 1LU204K***B030899-)
304K (PIN: 1LU304K***B030847-)

Manual Identification—READ THIS FIRST!
General Information
Safety Information
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
Engine Control Unit (ECU) Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Monitor Display Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Operational Checkout Procedure
Operational Checkout Procedure
Theory of Operation
Diagnostic Information
Electrical System
System Information
System Diagrams
Sub-System Diagnostics
Power Train
Theory Of Operation
Diagnostic Information
Hydraulic System
Theory of Operation
Diagnostic Information
Heating and Air Conditioning
Theory of Operation
Diagnostic Information

   01 - Safety
   Add and Operate Attachments Safely
   Add Cab Guarding for Special Uses
   Avoid Backover Accidents
   Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
   Avoid High-Pressure Oils
   Avoid Machine Tip Over
   Avoid Unauthorized Machine Modifications
   Avoid Worksite Hazards
   Clean Debris from Machine
   Decommissioning — Proper Recycling and Disposal of Fluids and Components
   Drive Metal Pins Safely
   Follow Safety Instructions
   Handle Chemical Products Safely
   Inspect and Maintain ROPS
   Inspect Machine
   Keep Riders Off Machine
   Make Welding Repairs Safely
   Operate Only If Qualified
   Operating on Slopes
   Operating or Traveling On Public Roads
   Park and Prepare for Service Safely
   Prepare for Emergencies
   Prevent Battery Explosions
   Prevent Fires
   Prevent Unintended Machine Movement
   Recognize Safety Information
   Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
   Service Cooling System Safely
   Service Tires Safely
   Start Only From Operator's Seat
   Stay Clear of Moving Parts
   Use and Maintain Seat Belt
   Use Special Care When Operating Loader
   Use Steps and Handholds Correctly
   Wear Protective Equipment
   Work In Ventilated Area
   10 - Engine Control Unit (ECU) Diagnostic Trouble Codes
      000091.03 — Primary Throttle Signal Out of Range High
      000091.04 — Primary Throttle Signal Out of Range Low
      001079.03 — Sensor Supply #1 Voltage Out of Range High
      001079.04 — Sensor Supply #1 Voltage Out of Range Low
      522241.03 — Fuel Injection Pump Rack Actuator Relay Out of Range High
      522241.04 — Fuel Injection Pump Rack Actuator Relay Out of Range Low
      522242.03 — Cold Start Aid Relay Driver Circuit Out of Range High
      522242.04 — Cold Start Aid Relay Driver Circuit Out of Range Low
      522243.03 — Air Heater Relay Driver Circuit Out of Range High
      522243.04 — Air Heater Relay Driver Circuit Out of Range Low
      Engine Control Unit (ECU) Diagnostic Trouble Codes
   20 - Monitor Display Diagnostic Trouble Codes
   Monitor Display Diagnostic Trouble Codes
   10 - Operational Checkout Procedure
   Operational Checkout
9010 - ENGINE
   05 - Theory of Operation
      John Deere Engine
   15 - Diagnostic Information
      Engine Cooling System Component Location
      Engine Fuel System Component Location
      Engine Intake and Exhaust Component Location
      John Deere Engine
   25 - Tests
   Engine Idle Speeds Check
   John Deere Engine
   05 - System Information
      Electrical Diagram Information
      Electrical Schematic Symbols
   10 - System Diagrams
      Air Conditioner Harness (W10) Component Location
      Air Conditioner Harness (W10) Wiring Diagram
      Cab Harness (W8) Component Location
      Cab Harness (W8) Wiring Diagram
      Canopy Harness (W9) Component Location
      Canopy Harness (W9) Wiring Diagram
      Engine Harness (W6) Component Location
      Engine Harness (W6) Wiring Diagram
      Fuse and Relay Specifications
      Loader_Rear Frame Harness (W7) Component Location
      Loader_Rear Frame Harness (W7) Wiring Diagram
      Quik-Tatch™ Extension Harness (W13) Component Location
      Quik-Tatch™ Extension Harness (W13) Wiring Diagram
      Quik-Tatch™ Harness (W12) Component Location
      Quik-Tatch™ Harness (W12) Wiring Diagram
      Service ADVISOR™ Harness (W11) Component Location
      Service ADVISOR™ Harness (W11) Wiring Diagram
      System Functional Schematic and Section Legend
      System Functional Schematic, Component Location, and Wiring Diagram Master Legend
   15 - Sub-System Diagnostics
      Air Conditioner Circuit Theory of Operation
      Cold Start Aid Preheat Circuit Theory of Operation
      Controller Area Network (CAN) Theory of Operation
      Engine Control Unit (ECU) Circuits Theory of Operation
      Forward, Reverse, LO_HI Travel Speed, and Backup Alarm Circuits Theory of Operation
      Hazard and Turn Lights Circuits Theory of Operation
      Headlights, Marker Lights, and Horn Circuits Theory of Operation—Cab
      Headlights, Marker Lights, and Horn Circuits Theory of Operation—Canopy
      Hydraulic Enable and Third Function Detent Enable Circuits Theory of Operation
      Monitor Display Circuits Theory of Operation
      Park Brake Release Circuit Theory of Operation
      Power Circuit Theory of Operation
      Quik-Tatch™ Circuit Theory of Operation
      Start and Charge Circuits Theory of Operation
   20 - References
   Alternator Test
   CAN Circuit Test
   Connector Terminal Test
   Electrical Component Specifications
   Engine Control Unit (ECU) Remove and Install
   Engine Control Unit (ECU) Replacement Calibration
   Engine Speed Control Pedal Sensor Test
   Fuel Pump Replacement Calibration
   Install CINCH™ Contact
   Install DEUTSCH® Contact
   Install WEATHER PACK® Contact
   Intermittent Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Diagnostics
   Monitor Display Remove and Install
   Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes with Service ADVISOR™ Diagnostic Application
   Remove Connector Body from Blade Terminals
   Repair 32 and 48 Way CINCH™ Connectors
   Replace CINCH™ Connectors
   Replace DEUTSCH® Circular Connectors
   Replace DEUTSCH® Rectangular or Triangular Connectors
   Replace Metri-Pack® Connectors
   Replace Metri-Pack® (Push Type) Connectors
   Replace WEATHER PACK® Connector
   Return-to-Dig Adjustment
   Sensor Circuit Check
   Service ADVISOR™ Connection Procedure
   Service ADVISOR™ Diagnostic Application
   Wire Harness Test
   Yanmar Display Calibration Values Test
   05 - Theory of Operation
      Brake Valve Operation
      Creep Control Valve Operation
      Differential Limited Slip Operation
      High-Pressure Relief Valve Operation
      Hydrostatic Motor Operation—Forward (High Speed)
      Hydrostatic Motor Operation—Neutral
      Hydrostatic Motor Operation—Reverse (Low Speed)
      Hydrostatic Pump Control Operation—Forward (Engine Speed at Fast Idle)
      Hydrostatic Pump Control Operation—Reverse (Engine Speed at Less Than Fast Idle)
      Hydrostatic Pump Operation
      Hydrostatic Pump Swash Plate Operation
      Hydrostatic Transmission Operation—Forward (High Speed)
      Hydrostatic Transmission Operation—Forward (Low Speed)
      Hydrostatic Transmission Operation—Neutral
      Hydrostatic Transmission Operation—Reverse (Low Speed)
      Inching Valve Operation
      Park Brake Release Solenoid Valve Operation
      Power Train Description
      Service and Park Brake Operation
   15 - Diagnostic Information
      Axle Overheats
      Cannot Find or Hold Neutral
      Differential Low on Oil
      Excessive Differential and_or Axle Noise
      Excessive Driveline Vibration or Noise
      Foaming Oil
      Hydraulic Oil Overheats (Machine Shifts to Low Speed Automatically)
      Hydrostatic Transmission Schematic
      Lack of Power or Sluggish
      Machine Does Not Move at Low Idle
      Machine Does Not Move
      Machine Drives Erratically
      Machine Moves in One Direction Only
      Machine Moves in Wrong Direction
      Machine Vibrates
      Oil Seeping From Outer Axle Seal
      Park Brake Indicator in Monitor Does Not Come ON When Park Brake Applied
      Park Brake Overheats
      Park Brake Will Not Apply
      Park Brake Will Not Hold
      Park Brake Will Not Release
      Poor or No Service Brakes
      Power Train Component Location
      Service and Park Brake System Component Location
      Service Brake and Park Brake System Schematic
      Service Brakes Aggressive
      Service Brakes Chatter
      Service Brakes Dragging
      Slow Acceleration—Fast Deceleration
   20 - Adjustments
      Brake_Inching Pedal Linkage Adjustment
      Drum Brake Inspection
      Hydrostatic Motor Minimum Displacement Adjustment
      Hydrostatic Pump Servo Piston Neutral Adjustment
      Service Brakes (Wet Disc) Inspection
   25 - Tests
   Before Performing Hydrostatic Transmission Tests
   Directional Control Valve Spool Leakage Test
   High-Pressure Relief Valve Test and Adjustment
   Hydrostatic Adjusting Screws (With Tamper-Proof Caps)
   Hydrostatic Motor Begin Regulation of Displacement Control Valve Test and Adjustment
   Hydrostatic Pump Begin Regulation Test and Adjustment
   Hydrostatic Pump Isolation Procedure
   Hydrostatic Pump Performance (Timing) Test and Adjustment
   Hydrostatic Pump Pressure Override (POR) Valve Pressure Test and Adjustment
   Neutral Charge Relief Valve Pressure Test and Adjustment
   Park Brake Release Pressure Test
   05 - Theory of Operation
      Hydraulic Enable Solenoid Operation
      Hydraulic Pump Operation
      Hydraulic System Operation
      Loader Control Valve Circuit Relief Valve With Anticavitation Operation
      Loader Control Valve Operation—Auxiliary Section
      Loader Control Valve Operation—Boom Section
      Loader Control Valve Operation—Bucket Section
      Loader Control Valve Operation
      Loader System Relief Valve Operation
      Orbital Steering Circuit Operation
      Orbital Steering Valve Operation
      Priority Valve Operation
      Steering Cylinder Relief Valve Operation
   15 - Diagnostic Information
      Abrupt Steering Wheel Oscillation
      Boom Down Does Not Work (Engine Off)
      Boom Float Function Does Not Work
      Constant Steering to Maintain Straight Travel
      Erratic Steering
      Free Play at Steering Wheel
      Function Drifts Down
      Function Drops Before Rising When Valve Is Activated
      Hydraulic Oil Foams
      Hydraulic System Schematic
      Loader Hydraulic System Component Location
      Low Hydraulic Power
      Machine Turns in Opposite Direction
      Machine Turns When Orbital Steering Valve Is in Neutral
      No Hydraulic Functions
      Noisy Hydraulic Pumps
      No Steering Function During Slow Steering Wheel Movement
      No Steering Functions
      Oil Overheats
      One Hydraulic Function Does Not Work
      Orbital Steering System Component Location
      Orbital Steering System Schematic
      Orbital Steering Valve Locks Up
      Slow Hydraulic Functions
      Spongy or Soft Steering
      Steering Wheel Does Not Immediately Return to Neutral When Released
      Steering Wheel Turns by Itself
      Steering Wheel Turns With No Resistance and Causes No Frame Movement
   25 - Tests
   Boom and Bucket Cylinder Leakage Test
   Hydraulic Oil Warm-Up Procedure
   Hydraulic Pump Flow Test
   Hydraulic System Pressure Discharge Procedure
   JT02156A Digital Pressure and Temperature Analyzer Kit Installation
   Loader Circuit Relief Valve Pressure Test
   Loader Cylinder Drift Test
   Loader System Relief Valve Pressure Test
   Orbital Steering System Relief Valve Pressure Test
   Steering Cylinder Leakage Test
   05 - Theory of Operation
      Air Conditioning System Cycle of Operation
   15 - Diagnostic Information
      Air Conditioner and Heater Component Location
      Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Interior of Cab
      Air Conditioner Runs Constantly, Too Cold
      Air Conditioning System Does Not Operate
      Heater Does Not Warm Interior of Cab
      Heater System Does Not Operate
      Interior Windows Continue to Fog
   25 - Tests
   Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Test
   Air Conditioner High_Low Pressure Switch Test
   Operating Pressure Diagnostic Chart
   R134a Refrigerant Cautions
   Refrigerant Cautions and Proper Handling
   Refrigerant Leak Test