John Deere 17D Excavator Technical Manual - Operation & Test Manual - TM10258

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Complete technical manual with electrical wiring diagrams for John Deere 17D Excavator, with all the workshop information to maintain, diagnose, and rebuild like professional mechanics.

John Deere 17D Excavator workshop service repair manual includes:
* Numbered table of contents easy to use so that you can find the information you need fast.
* Detailed sub-steps expand on repair procedure information
* Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step.
* Notes, cautions and warnings throughout each chapter pinpoint critical information.
* Bold figure number help you quickly match illustrations with instructions.
* Detailed illustrations, drawings and photos guide you through every procedure.
* Enlarged inset helps you identify and examine parts in detail.

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tm10258 - 17D Excavator

Table of Contents


Technical Information Feedback Form

Section 9000: General Information

Group 01: Safety

Recognize Safety Information

Follow Safety Instructions

Operate Only If Qualified

Wear Protective Equipment

Avoid Unauthorized Machine Modifications

Add Operator's Station Guarding for Special Uses

Inspect Machine

Stay Clear of Moving Parts

Avoid High-Pressure Oils

Avoid High-Pressure Fluids

Beware of Exhaust Fumes

Prevent Fires

Prevent Battery Explosions

Handle Chemical Products Safely

Dispose of Waste Properly

Prepare for Emergencies

Use Steps and Handholds Correctly

Start Only From Operator's Seat

Use and Maintain Seat Belt

Prevent Unintended Machine Movement

Avoid Work Site Hazards

Keep Riders Off Machine

Avoid Backover Accidents

Avoid Machine Tip Over

Use Special Care When Lifting Objects

Add and Operate Attachments Safely

Park and Prepare for Service Safely

Service Cooling System Safely

Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating

Make Welding Repairs Safely

Drive Metal Pins Safely

Section 9005: Operational Checkout Procedure

Group 10: Operational Checkout Procedure

Operational Checkout

Section 9010: Engine

Group 05: Theory of Operation

Engine Component Location

Engine Cooling System Operation

Engine Lubrication System Operation

Engine Fuel System Operation

Group 15: Diagnostic Information

Diagnose Engine Malfunctions

Group 25: Tests

JT05801 Clamp-On Electronic Tachometer Installation

Engine Speed Check

Engine Speed Control Lever and Cable Adjustment

Fuel Injection Nozzle Check

Fuel Transfer Pump Pressure Test

Injection Pump Timing Check and Adjustment

Fan Belt Tension Adjustment

Engine Valve Lash (Clearance) Check and Adjustment

Air Intake System Leakage Test

Cooling System Pressure Test

Radiator Cap Test

Engine Thermostat Test

Engine Compression Pressure Test

Engine Oil Pressure Test

Head Gasket Failure Check

Bleed Fuel System

Section 9015: Electrical System

Group 05: System Information

Electrical Diagram Information

Component Identification Table

Fuse (Blade-Type) Color Codes

Group 10: System Diagrams

Fuse Specifications

System Functional Schematic, Wiring Diagrams, and Component Locations Master Legend

System Functional Schematic and Section Legend

Battery and Ground Cables (W6 and W7) Component Location

Platform Harness (W1) Component Location

Platform Harness (W1) Wiring Diagram

Engine Harness (W2) Component Location

Engine Harness (W2) Wiring Diagram

Boom Work Light Harness (W3) Component Location

Boom Work Light Harness (W3) Wiring Diagram

Group 15: Sub-System Diagnostics

Start and Charge Circuits Theory of Operation

Fuel Shutoff Circuit Theory of Operation

Monitor Panel Circuit Theory of Operation

Pilot Control Shutoff Circuit Theory of Operation

Travel Speed Control and Travel Alarm Circuit Theory of Operation

Group 20: References

Alternator and Starting Motors

Electrical Component Specifications

Alternator Test

Replace DEUTSCH DEUTSCH is a trademark of Deutsch Co. Rectangular or Triangular Connectors

Install DEUTSCH DEUTSCH is a trademark of the Deutsch Co. Contact

Replace WEATHER PACK WEATHER PACK is a trademark of Packard Electric. Connector

Install WEATHER PACK WEATHER PACK is a trademark of Packard Electric. Contact

Remove Connector Body from Blade Terminals

Section 9020: Power Train

Group 05: Theory of Operation

Track Adjuster and Recoil Spring Operation

Travel Gearcase Operation

Group 15: Diagnostic Information

Diagnose Undercarriage Components Malfunctions

Measure Swing Bearing Wear

Section 9025: Hydraulic System

Group 05: Theory of Operation

Hydraulic System Diagram

Pilot System Diagram

Pilot Pump Operation

Pilot Filter Bypass Operation

Pilot Solenoid Valve Manifold Operation

Pilot Controller Operation

Travel Pilot Controller Operation

Blade, Boom Swing, and Auxiliary Pilot Controller Operation

Hydraulic Pump 1 and 2 Operation

Hydraulic Pump Regulator Operation

Hydraulic Pump 3 Operation

Control Valve Operation

System Relief Valve Operation

Circuit Relief Valve Operation

Bucket, Boom, and Boom Swing Anticavitation Valve Operation

Flow Combiner Valve Operation

Arm Regenerative Valve Operation

Swing Motor Operation

Swing Motor Crossover Relief Valve Operation

Swing Motor Anticavitation Valve Operation

Swing Motor Park Brake Release Circuit Operation

Rotary Manifold Operation

Travel Motor Operation

Travel Motor Speed Change Valve Operation

Travel Motor Counterbalance Valve Operation

Travel Motor Park Brake Operation

Blade Circuit Operation

Auxiliary Selector Valve Operation

Hydraulic Cylinder Operation

Hydraulic Oil Return Filter Operation

Hydraulic System Circuit Symbols

Hydraulic System Schematics

Group 15: Diagnostic Information

Diagnostic Procedure

Diagnose Hydraulic System Malfunctions

Diagnose Pilot Circuit Malfunctions

Diagnose Dig Circuit Malfunctions

Diagnose Swing Circuit Malfunctions

Diagnose Travel System Malfunctions

Major Component Location

Main Hydraulic Pilot System Line Identification

Main Hydraulic Working System Line Identification

Blade Hydraulic System Line Identification

Travel Hydraulic System Line Identification

Pilot Controller to Pattern Conversion Valve Line Connection

Group 25: Tests

Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure Using Portable Filter Caddy

JT05800 Digital Thermometer Installation

JT02156A Digital Pressure/Temperature Analyzer Installation

Hydraulic System Warmup Procedure

Cylinder Drift Test—Boom, Arm, Bucket, and Blade

Pilot Pressure Regulating Valve Test and Adjustment

Control Valve Spool Pilot Actuating Pressure Test

Hydraulic Pumps 1, 2, and 3 System Relief Valve Test and Adjustment

Circuit Relief Valve Test and Adjustment

Swing Motor Crossover Relief Valve Test and Adjustment

Hydraulic Pumps 1 and 2 Regulator Test and Adjustment—Engine Pulldown

Hydraulic Pump 1 and 2 Flow Test

Hydraulic Pump 3 Flow Test

Swing Motor Leakage Test

Travel Motor Leakage Test

John Deere 17D Excavator Technical Manual -  Operation & Test Manual - TM10258