John Deere 204K and 304K Loader Repair Service Manual - TM12988

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TM12988 - John Deere 204K and 304K Loader Repair Manual.PDF

Complete repair service manual for John Deere 204K and 304K Loader, with all the shop information to maintain, repair, service like professional mechanics.

John Deere 204K and 304K Loaders workshop service repair manual includes:
* Numbered table of contents easy to use so that you can find the information you need fast.
* Detailed sub-steps expand on repair procedure information
* Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step.
* Notes, cautions and warnings throughout each chapter pinpoint critical information.
* Bold figure number help you quickly match illustrations with instructions.
* Detailed illustrations, drawings and photos guide you through every procedure.
* Enlarged inset helps you identify and examine parts in detail.

Total Pages: 438 pages
File Format: PDF (bookmarked, Searchable, Printable, high quality)
Language: English

   Manual Identification-READ THIS FIRST!
   General Information
      Safety Information
      Torque Values
      Wheels and Fasteners
   Axles and Suspension Systems
      Removal and Installation
      Axle Shafts and U-Joints
      Axle Shaft, Bearings, and Rear Axle Reduction Gears
      Hydrostatic Components Removal and Installation
      Hydrostatic Components Repair
      Removal and Installation
   Engine Auxiliary Systems
      Cooling System
      Intake System
      External Exhaust System
      External Fuel Supply Systems
   Damper Drive
      Removal and Installation
   Steering System
      Hydraulic System
   Service Brakes
      Active Elements
      Hydraulic System
   Park Brake
      Hydraulic System
   Frame or Supporting Structure
      Frame Installation
      Chassis Weights
   Operator`s Station
      Removal and Installation
      Operator Enclosure
      Seat and Seat Belt
      Heating and Air Conditioning System
   Sheet Metal and Styling
      Hood or Engine Enclosure
      Miscellaneous Shields
   Main Hydraulic System
      Hydraulic System
      Attachment Coupler
      Hydraulic System

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Covered models:
   204K (PIN: 1LU204K***B030899-)
  304K (PIN: 1LU304K***B030847-)

Table of Contents (Exploded View)
 00 - General Information
    01 - Safety
       Add and Operate Attachments Safely
       Add Cab Guarding for Special Uses
       Avoid Backover Accidents
       Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
       Avoid High-Pressure Oils
       Avoid Machine Tip Over
       Avoid Unauthorized Machine Modifications
       Avoid Worksite Hazards
       Clean Debris from Machine
       Dispose of Waste Properly
       Drive Metal Pins Safely
       Follow Safety Instructions
       Handle Chemical Products Safely
       Inspect and Maintain ROPS
       Inspect Machine
       Keep Riders Off Machine
       Make Welding Repairs Safely
       Operate Only If Qualified
       Operating on Slopes
       Operating or Traveling On Public Roads
       Park and Prepare for Service Safely
       Prepare for Emergencies
       Prevent Battery Explosions
       Prevent Fires
       Prevent Unintended Machine Movement
       Recognize Safety Information
       Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
       Service Cooling System Safely
       Service Tires Safely
       Start Only From Operator's Seat
       Stay Clear of Moving Parts
       Use and Maintain Seat Belt
       Use Special Care When Operating Loader
       Use Steps and Handholds Correctly
       Wear Protective Equipment
       Work In Ventilated Area
    03 - Torque Values
        Additional Metric Cap Screw Torque Values
        Inch Series Four Bolt Flange Fitting For High Pressure Service Recommendations
        Metric 24° O-Ring Seal DIN 20078 Service Recommendations
        Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
        Service Recommendations For Inch Series Four Bolt Flange Fittings
        Service Recommendations for Metric Series Four Bolt Flange Fitting
        Service Recommendations For Non-Restricted Banjo (Adjustable) Fittings
        Service Recommendations For O-Ring Boss Fittings With Shoulder
        Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
 01 - Wheels or Tracks
    Tire Remove and Install
    Wheel Remove and Install
 02 - Axles and Suspension Systems
    00 - Removal & Installation
       Front Axle Remove and Install
       Rear Axle Remove and Install
    25 - Axle Shafts & U-Joints
       Drive Shaft Remove and Install
    50 - Axle Shaft, Bearings, & Rear Axle Reduction Gears
        Front and Rear Axle Disassemble and Assemble
        Rear Axle Reduction Gear Case Disassemble and Assemble
        Rear Axle Reduction Gear Case Remove and Install
 03 - Transmission
    00 - Hydrostatic Components Removal & Installation
       Charge Pump Remove and Install
       Creep Control Valve Remove and Install
       Directional Control Valve Remove and Install
       Hydrostatic Motor Remove and Install
       Hydrostatic Pump Remove and Install
       Hydrostatic Pump Valves Remove and Install
       Hydrostatic Start-Up Procedure
    60 - Hydrostatic Components Repair
        Hydrostatic Motor Disassemble and Assemble
        Hydrostatic Pump Disassemble and Assemble
 04 - Engine
    00 - Removal & Installation
        Engine Remove and Install
        John Deere Engine
        Starter Motor Remove and Install
 05 - Engine Auxiliary Systems
    10 - Cooling System
       Cooling Package Remove and Install
       Fan Remove and Install
    20 - Intake System
       Air Intake System Remove and Install
    30 - External Exhaust System
       Muffler Remove and Install
    60 - External Fuel Supply Systems
        Fuel Tank Remove and Install
 07 - Dampener Drive
    Damper Plate Remove and Install
 09 - Steering System
    60 - Hydraulic System
        Cab Steering Column Remove and Install
        Canopy Steering Column Remove and Install
        Orbital Steering Valve Assemble
        Orbital Steering Valve Disassemble and Inspect
        Orbital Steering Valve Remove and Install
        Steering Cylinder Disassemble and Assemble
        Steering Cylinder Remove and Install
 10 - Service Brakes
    11 - Active Elements
       Drum Brake Remove and Install
       Service Brakes (Wet Disc) Remove and Install
    60 - Hydraulic System
        Brake_Inching Valve Assembly Remove and Install
        Drum Brake Bleed
 11 - Park Brake
    60 - Hydraulic System
        Park Brake Valve Remove and Install
 17 - Frames, Chassis, or Supporting Structure
    40 - Frame Installation
       Loader and Rear Frames Separation
       Lower Pivot Bushing Assembly Remove and Install
       Rear Link and Bushing Assembly Remove and Install
       Upper Pivot Bushing Assembly Remove and Install
       Welding Repair of Major Structures
    49 - Counterweights
        Counterweight Remove and Install
 18 - Operator's Station
    00 - Removal & Installation
       Cab Remove and Install
       Canopy Remove and Install
    10 - Operator Enclosure
       Rear Wiper Motor Remove and Install
       Windowpanes Remove and Install
       Windshield Wiper Motor Remove and Install
    21 - Seat & Seat Belts
       Seat Remove and Install
    30 - Heating & Air Conditioning
        Air Conditioner Compressor Remove and Install
        Air Conditioner Freeze Control Switch Remove and Install
        Air Conditioner_Heater Module Remove and Install
        Air Conditioner High_Low Pressure Switch Remove and Install
        Blower Motor Remove and Install
        Charge R134a System
        Condenser Remove and Install
        Evacuate R134a System
        Evaporator Coil Remove and Install
        Expansion Valve Remove and Install
        Flush and Purge Air Conditioner System
        Heater Control Valve Remove and Install
        Heater Core Remove and Install
        R134a Refrigerant Oil Information
        R134a Refrigerant Recovery_Recycling and Charging Station Installation Procedure
        Receiver-Dryer Remove and Install
        Recover R134a Refrigerant
        Refrigerant Cautions and Proper Handling
 19 - Sheet Metal and Styling
    10 - Hood or Engine Enclosure
       Hood Remove and Install
    13 - Miscellaneous Shields
        Rear Fenders Remove and Install
 21 - Main Hydraulic System
    60 - Hydraulic System
        General Hydraulic Oil Cleanup Procedure
        Hydraulic Component Failure Cleanup Procedure
        Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Remove and Install
        Hydraulic Pump_Priority Valve Disassemble and Assemble
        Hydraulic Pump_Priority Valve Remove and Install
        Hydraulic Start-Up Procedure
 31 - Loader
    02 - Bucket
       Bolt-On Cutting Edge Remove and Install
       Cracked Cutting Edge Repair
       Welded-On Bucket Cutting Edge Remove and Install
    04 - Attachment Coupler
       Quik-Tatch™ Actuator Remove and Install
       Quik-Tatch™ Coupler Remove and Install
    40 - Frames
       Boom and Bucket Linkage Remove and Install
       Bucket Linkage Bushings Remove and Install
       Loader Boom Bushings Remove and Install
    60 - Hydraulic System
        Boom and Bucket Cylinders Disassemble and Assemble
        Boom Cylinder Remove and Install
        Bucket Cylinder Remove and Install
        Loader Control Valve Remove and Install